World Cup draw coming up get ready to place your bets

Many make the mistake of placing their bets BEFORE the World Cup draw has taken place…doing this will have an adverse affect on your tournament winnings!


Until Friday you will are guessing so many factors, below are a few to consider -

How easy is the group?
How far will the team have to travel from their training base?
What path will your preferred team have to the final?
What time of the day your team will be playing the matches?

If you are placing a bet today you are guessing all these very important factors will be fine…I can promise you on past experience that this is definitely not the case. You may lose a small percentage on the price if you are backing one of the favourites and they get an easy ride BUT what happens if your chosen team get ‘the group of death’?

It’s better to back a 6/4 winner than a 100/1 loser…This is a saying I have heard for…years and will always turn to before placing EVERY bet.

Brazil – Germany – Argentina and Spain are the front runners and on paper its obvious why. Their squad is full of world class players but would you really want to get stuck in at a top price of 7/2 on Brazil not knowing who they will be up against in the group? Its no secret that Belgium are a team to watch in the coming years…they have players of the highest calibre scattered all over the top European leagues and I am sure they are building something very special. After checking the hand they are dealt when it comes to the group stage, I would be more inclined to take the 7/1 for Belgium to reach the final!

If you are a football punter and have a strong opinion on the World Cup 2014 then please leave your response below.

Ben Page

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