Things you should consider when using racing information sources

Before you commit long term to any racing information source you should consider certain things. Starting with WILL I MAKE A PROFIT!!

Obviously we all know when we place a bet, we do so on the hope of making money so why would you settle for anything less than a high percentage of winners at a reasonable price. After all you can pick your own losers for free!


I have witnessed hundreds and I do mean hundreds of information services offering the world but deliver nothing. Clients of mine that have become friends over our time together often share their experiences with these services and on many occasions they have lost large sums of money after reading a glossy brochure and following the poor information.

One thing for sure is it is impossible to separate the good from the bad when it comes to online services and or mail shots that have sent to you. Quite often the worst source of information has the best brochure and the cheapest information is not necessarily the worst. The only way to prove to potential clients that the information will be right for them is by providing a FREE TRIAL!

The free trials will differ each site you visit and you will always know if you are at the right place once the trial has elapsed. If you have been given two horses that both win by 10 lengths then you know you are looking at a good source of information. If on the other hand, you are given five horses and not one is placed…its time to look elsewhere!

I like to provide a genuine affordable service for every type of punter and my service stands out from the crowd for two reasons. I back a massive amount of winners and I deal with every client of mine as an individual. These combined generate a fantastic formula and generate large profits allowing our partnership to remain for a long time.

I always like to spend time talking to my clients and by providing a friendly, easy to use service coupled with a massive number of winners, my clients return year after year!

Please feel free to share your previous experiences and if you want that winning feeling on a regular basis then please visit my site

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