On the nose or each way?

How do you like to bet??

I have had hours and hours of discussions with bookmakers and punters on the pro’s and con’s when it comes to win and each way betting. The bookmakers detest certain each way bets as they are in a position to lose a lot more than they can win and punters have that money back safety net!


My preference is a back to win policy rather than a back to place policy. My reasoning for this is that I have always been one to spend hours upon hours sorting through the form and finding a horse that I think will WIN its race. I do not spend my time looking for horses that I think will run into a place. This does not mean that I would never back a horse each way if I think that it’s the right bet for that chosen horse.

Many punters who are not blessed with a large betting bank will choose to bet on the highly competitive race and back a 10/1 runner each way. This way they don’t have to lay out a large sum of money and have a double chance to make a profit from the race.

He opposite side to this argument is the big punters just placing one huge bet on the days shortest runner…this is betting suicide. There is money to be made from short price horses but be careful you do not get caught up throwing money at a horse because you think it’s a case of buying money!

Whichever method you choose when it comes to betting, I would love to hear your views. My knowledge is very good when it comes to racing but am always interested to hear others views and opinions.

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