Football betting can be made simple

Placing accumulator bets on football has been a hobby of mine since my college days and like everyone, I have had my good and bad days!


During my college and university years my stakes were small and I always aimed to get at least £50 back for each £1 I staked. Although I won my fair share and was always described as ‘lucky’ by my friends, results we inconsistent and I could go four or five weeks without a win!

As I got older my financial situation improved and I was in a position to start increasing my stake and volume of bets. This is when I started using trial and error to find a way of getting a consistency level of 50% winners or higher. When I achieved this goal, I then aimed for 66%, 75% and now I am for perfection on specific bets.

This may sound unrealistic to some but if you could see the time, effort and money I have put in to my football betting then you would understand. This is 20 years of hard work and although for the last 14 years I have made a profit, the last four years have been fantastic with my strike rate improving by 2-3% each year.

The things I look for when placing a football bet are:

Are the team I’m backing at home?
When I am looking to have a big bet the team will play at home over 75% of the time. I think teams playing at home offer better value for money and as statistics show, most teams are better when playing on their own patch.

What is the squad’s injury list like?
Knowing I will be risking large amounts of money, I always do my research first. I will always check to see if team star players are fit and ready to play. A team with a long injury list will be one to avoid or even take on.

Don’t let history put you off
Often now there are pages and pages of stats in all the newspapers or online telling you that team X has never beaten team B. I do not take any notice on any statistics, however extreme some of them are. A prime example of this was shown last weekend HULL CITY has NEVER beaten LIVERPOOL – HULL CITY won 3-1.

These are just three of a wide range of things I look for when choosing who to put my money on but as we all know, betting is a game of opinions and a good bet for one punter is one to avoid for another! I am always looking to learn and although I have an excellent strike rate, until it hits 100%…I WILL SEEK IMPROVEMENT.

I would love to hear your views.

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