Finding a handicap good thing

I have spent years trying to get one over on the bookmakers using various different handicapping rules and tools. One thing I have always noticed is whichever method you choose…you will always need luck to consistently make money.

When I have a bet, I look for a wide variety of things (listed below) -

Are the horse, jockey and trainer in form?
Does the horse like the track and trip?
Does the current handicap mark give the horse a chance?
Can I get on at the right price?

Here I will explain further how I find my winners:


Are the horse, jockey and trainer in form?
When looking for a horse worth backing I do like to see some recent good form from the above mentioned. This doesn’t mean the jockey needs to have ridden 4 winners from the previous 5 rides or the horse has to of won its last 3. I just need to know that the horse, trainer or jockey are not woefully out of form (everybody has a period when they cant win). by watching EVERY single race that is run in the UK, I can decide if I a person or an animal is in form. We can all check up the ‘Who’s hot’ pages but I dig a whole lot deeper than that…after all the final result of a race offers a lot more than a black and white image. The grey areas are where you need to be looking because although the bookmakers get it right 95% of the time…there are times the bookmakers miss things and you can grab a big priced winner!!

Does the horse like the track, trip and going?
This rule covers all aspects of racing from the turf in the summer to the all weather racing over the winter. The track and trip is a major tool I use when looking for the best bets on the all weather and then when searching for a winner on the grass…I look for all three to be covered. I know that a horse doesn’t have to have won 5 times over CD to be a good bet but I can assure you that over the years, a horse with CD form will be a better betting proposition than a horse with none.

Does the current handicap mark give the horse a chance?
This is a fairly simple but extremely important rule. I check how the horse has run off its current handicap mark and then assess its chances on the day. In some occasions this rule has to be extremely rigid and others it simply does not apply. Example – if we are backing a 2yr old that has never run off of its current mark…I look at other areas to decide if the bet is worthwhile.

Can I get on at the right price?
This is another of my less important rules, as my view is IF THE HORSE IS GOING TO WIN, THE PRICE DOESN’T REALLY MATTER!! Although we would all love to back a 50/1 winner a day, we also need to avoid the sin that is greed. The time this rule does come into play is when we are looking to back a horse that is lacking in recent form but has excellent previous form over CD. Example of this is when a horse is taken back to Southwell after three or four runs on the other artificial tracks (Mcconnell, Ace Of Spies, Honoured are a few that I can remember off the top of my head).

I am at the point in my life where I am hitting winner after winner but am always interested on how others look to find a winner. This game is about opinions so please feel free to leave your!

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