Does cheating really make you rich?

After hearing the news of Gerard Butlers 5 year ban for the use of Stanozonol on the horses under his supervision, you have to ask yourself…IS IT WORTH CHEATING??


For as long as betting has existed, people have been trying to gain the upper hand on the bookmakers to earn money from the sport. Over the years reading the papers and speaking to many closely involved with the sport, I have heard hundreds of ways that people are aiming to achieve this goal. From the outrageous ‘milkshake’ scenario to the blatant cheating by some jockeys, the BHA catch a high percentage of ‘cheats’ and come down hard on any body found guilty in the process.

Although 90% of your everyday punters think that a ‘crooked race’ will make them rich, you really need to be careful who to trust and if such a thing still exists!!

The way to make money from sports betting now is by gradually increasing your stake and backing a large volume of winners over a period of time. This period will also include two or three what I call ‘save your account’ bets where you will sacrifice a sum of money to make sure they do not become suspicious of your new found winning spree! If a bookmaker sees a run of winners over a short space of time they will immediately freeze your account, which will eventually lead to its closure. I have witnessed this first hand several times in the past.

The way to make money without the risk of being caught up in a betting scandal is to stay legal and use a very well thought out betting plan that I have constructed over the years, obviously coupled with some excellent winners along the way!!

Many think that making money from horse racing is a myth if you are not cheating. This myth will be blown out the water and forgotten forever if you follow this FREE TRIAL and then choose to join my service long term.

Please leave your views on the recent events surrounding ‘cheating’ in the sport.


Ben Page
The Home Of Winner

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