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Finding a horse to lay

When choosing a horse to lay, you have to be certain the horse is going to lose. If you don’t take your time and do your research, you can lose an awful lot of money in a short space of time.


When I first started laying horses I didn’t have any sort of pattern or method to how I operated. One day I was laying a 10/1 shot and the next I was laying a handful of even money shots. This was great for a short time but like anything in life…if you do not have a plan / method or path, it will eventually come to an end!

You can look towards all different areas when choosing to lay a horse but I like to see a couple of main bullet points being passed before I get stuck in -

  1. Is the horse a CD specialist…if it is then I avoid at ALL COSTS!
  2. Has the jockey or trainer been banging in the winners lately…a jockey at the top of their game can squeeze that extra 10% from an out of form horse and nick a win. These horses are usually bigger prices so will be very costly to you.
  3. Conditions are stable…racing is a game to avoid when the underfoot conditions change over a short period of time.

Although these are only a little insight to how I get my fantastic strike rate it’s a game of opinions. A horse that passes every check need to qualify for a maximum lay bet could be the next punters nap of the day!

I am intrigued to find out why racing creates such diverse opinions and welcome your opinions.