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Free Racing Systems United Kingdom

Reliable tested system is indispensable for winning horse race betting

Betting in horse races has become a popular way of money making of late. After so many years people have understood the fact that such a huge course of action is dependent on various systems. As a punter it is always safe to go with different systems. Relying on any particular system becomes more vulnerable to both winning and losing. It is somewhat like investing in stock market where creating a diversified portfolio is an act of the intellectuals. The same applies here as well. The advantage of this process is that if any one system lets you down, another may compensate the loss of the previous.

Uk Horse Racing

In United Kingdom, horse race betting is immensely popular and there are many websites that provide free racing systems. For any racing system, one should always back test the method and then apply it. But this involves lots of time and effort of any individual. This is why the acceptance of these betting sites is increasing rapidly. These sites save you lots of time. All helpful data, statistics, calculations are provided in these sites. One can also place bet for free with these sites by registering with them. Though, the number of bets is limited in that case.

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Other than the racing system there is another important factor for betting and that is money management. Punters who have been successful in this aspect have definitely made money. It is nothing but the calculation of how much money you are going to put on stake for how much outcome. The amount you can afford to lose on a regular basis. And the percentage that you are risking of your entire capital is all included in this segment. A combination of both a tested betting system and a strict money management procedure is perfect for winning.


Gambling for free – The latest trend on the internet

Horse race betting is a profitable job provided it is practiced in a manner it should be. There are many people who take gambling as their profession and spend hours in researching data and other stuffs in order to come out with more accurate decision. But not everyone in this field are professional so what will they do? They too can now place their bets like a pro with the help of online betting sites. There are some advantages such as no stringent rules, no bullies by the seasoned bettors, irritating disturbance of the crowd that have made online betting hugely popular among the people. More and more people have now started to accept this easy and straightforward medium.

Free horse racing bets in United Kingdom

In the UK, free gambles are attracting a whole new group of audience to this sport to enjoy the excitement. A large number of modern bettors in this country are now showing their confidence to this means because of its conveniences and the anonymity of betting. Moreover, it saves a number of hours by providing the useful details and records of the previous races with just few clicks. It is a giant platform and everyone can take part into it. It is a clear way of taking out the maximum out of this way. Various sites are available there on the internet that provides free betting advantages but as a bettor it is up to you to come across the most reliable one. Remember, the key intention of these sites is to sign up more and more people with the site. Hence you need to be careful while choosing the site.

Free Racing Systems

Racing systems – Effective only when applied as per its requirements

Horse race is the only sport where betting is considered as legal in the most of the country. In fact, it is one of the oldest sports among them all as well. Over the time, regulations and overall purpose of playing this game has changed but the thing that hasn’t changed with time is the craze for this game among the common people. Watching the horses running, beating others, the yelling of the spectators for their favorite ones, the crowd in the ground, the thrill, excitement is all together a different world. Those who haven’t attended the ground by themselves may find it a bit difficult to visualize. However, nothing has been able to stop the spectators to enjoy this game.

Racing freebies

The game which was a medium to have sheer pleasure in earlier days has become a medium of making fortune. And it is completely needless to say that when it is about making money, everyone looks for an advantage. Horse race betting is an age old procedure. Across the centuries, people have made enough fortune through this kind of betting. This is the reason why the craze of this game has remained same among the people. Rather it has reached to an unimaginable level.

Free racing bets

Do you think that people who have earned money through this betting have been fortunate enough? Do you think that there wasn’t any particular system? Well, if you are influenced by such kind of thinking, rest assured that you will end up being a very bad bettor at the end of the day. It is practically impossible to win every time without following or maintaining any proven method. What is the method? Well, it’s a million dollar question. And to speak the truth, there is more than one method. But would you believe if I say that there is something beyond any proven method or procedure?

York Races

Any method or procedure becomes useful only when it is applied appropriately. Other than that it is just wastage of time. There are basically three types of bettors. The first type covers those who haven’t ever tried any particular procedure and yell that system doesn’t work. The second type covers those who have tried numerous systems but inappropriately. And obviously couldn’t meet the success. And finally, there is the third type that covers those who have stuck to one or two particular method with patience and have met the success effortlessly. Though, it is true that each method provide different outcomes in terms of monetary benefit, it is important to follow the system with patience.

Royal Ascot - Day One

Finally, there are many websites that provide useful free racing systems for the benefit of the bettors. In most of the cases, if the sites are reputable, the system, provided by the site is proven and tested. System which has provided success earlier, possibilities are there those it will provide success in future too. But the thing, ought to be remembered is that all the systems are created depending on the previous success rate and simple calculation of probability. If it fails for once doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fail every time. And similarly, if it works once, it doesn’t mean it will work positively every time. Here comes the money management method that is completely a different issue with utmost importance.

No easy Way Out of Winning Horse Racing Bet

> on September 12, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

Thrilling, exciting these words go perfect with horse racing bets. A professional bettor spends hours to study the race details before laying his bet. The experts know very well that if you can study the past races perfectly then the chances of winning a race increase a lot. Many punters try to look for some specific formulas that would make him earn money but, unfortunately there is no as such formula that will make you win every time. Rather, you can generate or create your own formula that is unique, different from others and time-tested as well. Creating your own lay bet formulamay sounds a little bit trickier but in reality it is very simple and effective. You have to follow the previous records carefully and from those records you have to find out the strengths, the weak point of a particular horse. Which clearly means that, you have to have all the necessary details of your preferred horse racing team before laying your bet?

Numerous websites and other mediums have emerged with various racing tips, following which is sufficiently enough to produce good results but as we all believe that laying money on horse racing is like getting an opportunity of making unlimited money. It is not true always. Yes, you can earn lucrative money by winning races but it requires years of practice and observing small details of various races. Also, you should have proper knowledge about the track because; performances vary in respect to the track so collecting these small but important details will ultimately put your bet on the winning side.

World Cup draw coming up get ready to place your bets

Many make the mistake of placing their bets BEFORE the World Cup draw has taken place…doing this will have an adverse affect on your tournament winnings!


Until Friday you will are guessing so many factors, below are a few to consider -

How easy is the group?
How far will the team have to travel from their training base?
What path will your preferred team have to the final?
What time of the day your team will be playing the matches?

If you are placing a bet today you are guessing all these very important factors will be fine…I can promise you on past experience that this is definitely not the case. You may lose a small percentage on the price if you are backing one of the favourites and they get an easy ride BUT what happens if your chosen team get ‘the group of death’?

It’s better to back a 6/4 winner than a 100/1 loser…This is a saying I have heard for…years and will always turn to before placing EVERY bet.

Brazil – Germany – Argentina and Spain are the front runners and on paper its obvious why. Their squad is full of world class players but would you really want to get stuck in at a top price of 7/2 on Brazil not knowing who they will be up against in the group? Its no secret that Belgium are a team to watch in the coming years…they have players of the highest calibre scattered all over the top European leagues and I am sure they are building something very special. After checking the hand they are dealt when it comes to the group stage, I would be more inclined to take the 7/1 for Belgium to reach the final!

If you are a football punter and have a strong opinion on the World Cup 2014 then please leave your response below.

Ben Page

On the nose or each way?

How do you like to bet??

I have had hours and hours of discussions with bookmakers and punters on the pro’s and con’s when it comes to win and each way betting. The bookmakers detest certain each way bets as they are in a position to lose a lot more than they can win and punters have that money back safety net!


My preference is a back to win policy rather than a back to place policy. My reasoning for this is that I have always been one to spend hours upon hours sorting through the form and finding a horse that I think will WIN its race. I do not spend my time looking for horses that I think will run into a place. This does not mean that I would never back a horse each way if I think that it’s the right bet for that chosen horse.

Many punters who are not blessed with a large betting bank will choose to bet on the highly competitive race and back a 10/1 runner each way. This way they don’t have to lay out a large sum of money and have a double chance to make a profit from the race.

He opposite side to this argument is the big punters just placing one huge bet on the days shortest runner…this is betting suicide. There is money to be made from short price horses but be careful you do not get caught up throwing money at a horse because you think it’s a case of buying money!

Whichever method you choose when it comes to betting, I would love to hear your views. My knowledge is very good when it comes to racing but am always interested to hear others views and opinions.

Get in touch,

Ben Page
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Does cheating really make you rich?

After hearing the news of Gerard Butlers 5 year ban for the use of Stanozonol on the horses under his supervision, you have to ask yourself…IS IT WORTH CHEATING??


For as long as betting has existed, people have been trying to gain the upper hand on the bookmakers to earn money from the sport. Over the years reading the papers and speaking to many closely involved with the sport, I have heard hundreds of ways that people are aiming to achieve this goal. From the outrageous ‘milkshake’ scenario to the blatant cheating by some jockeys, the BHA catch a high percentage of ‘cheats’ and come down hard on any body found guilty in the process.

Although 90% of your everyday punters think that a ‘crooked race’ will make them rich, you really need to be careful who to trust and if such a thing still exists!!

The way to make money from sports betting now is by gradually increasing your stake and backing a large volume of winners over a period of time. This period will also include two or three what I call ‘save your account’ bets where you will sacrifice a sum of money to make sure they do not become suspicious of your new found winning spree! If a bookmaker sees a run of winners over a short space of time they will immediately freeze your account, which will eventually lead to its closure. I have witnessed this first hand several times in the past.

The way to make money without the risk of being caught up in a betting scandal is to stay legal and use a very well thought out betting plan that I have constructed over the years, obviously coupled with some excellent winners along the way!!

Many think that making money from horse racing is a myth if you are not cheating. This myth will be blown out the water and forgotten forever if you follow this FREE TRIAL and then choose to join my service long term.

Please leave your views on the recent events surrounding ‘cheating’ in the sport.


Ben Page
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Things you should consider when using racing information sources

Before you commit long term to any racing information source you should consider certain things. Starting with WILL I MAKE A PROFIT!!

Obviously we all know when we place a bet, we do so on the hope of making money so why would you settle for anything less than a high percentage of winners at a reasonable price. After all you can pick your own losers for free!


I have witnessed hundreds and I do mean hundreds of information services offering the world but deliver nothing. Clients of mine that have become friends over our time together often share their experiences with these services and on many occasions they have lost large sums of money after reading a glossy brochure and following the poor information.

One thing for sure is it is impossible to separate the good from the bad when it comes to online services and or mail shots that have sent to you. Quite often the worst source of information has the best brochure and the cheapest information is not necessarily the worst. The only way to prove to potential clients that the information will be right for them is by providing a FREE TRIAL!

The free trials will differ each site you visit and you will always know if you are at the right place once the trial has elapsed. If you have been given two horses that both win by 10 lengths then you know you are looking at a good source of information. If on the other hand, you are given five horses and not one is placed…its time to look elsewhere!

I like to provide a genuine affordable service for every type of punter and my service stands out from the crowd for two reasons. I back a massive amount of winners and I deal with every client of mine as an individual. These combined generate a fantastic formula and generate large profits allowing our partnership to remain for a long time.

I always like to spend time talking to my clients and by providing a friendly, easy to use service coupled with a massive number of winners, my clients return year after year!

Please feel free to share your previous experiences and if you want that winning feeling on a regular basis then please visit my site

Football betting can be made simple

Placing accumulator bets on football has been a hobby of mine since my college days and like everyone, I have had my good and bad days!


During my college and university years my stakes were small and I always aimed to get at least £50 back for each £1 I staked. Although I won my fair share and was always described as ‘lucky’ by my friends, results we inconsistent and I could go four or five weeks without a win!

As I got older my financial situation improved and I was in a position to start increasing my stake and volume of bets. This is when I started using trial and error to find a way of getting a consistency level of 50% winners or higher. When I achieved this goal, I then aimed for 66%, 75% and now I am for perfection on specific bets.

This may sound unrealistic to some but if you could see the time, effort and money I have put in to my football betting then you would understand. This is 20 years of hard work and although for the last 14 years I have made a profit, the last four years have been fantastic with my strike rate improving by 2-3% each year.

The things I look for when placing a football bet are:

Are the team I’m backing at home?
When I am looking to have a big bet the team will play at home over 75% of the time. I think teams playing at home offer better value for money and as statistics show, most teams are better when playing on their own patch.

What is the squad’s injury list like?
Knowing I will be risking large amounts of money, I always do my research first. I will always check to see if team star players are fit and ready to play. A team with a long injury list will be one to avoid or even take on.

Don’t let history put you off
Often now there are pages and pages of stats in all the newspapers or online telling you that team X has never beaten team B. I do not take any notice on any statistics, however extreme some of them are. A prime example of this was shown last weekend HULL CITY has NEVER beaten LIVERPOOL – HULL CITY won 3-1.

These are just three of a wide range of things I look for when choosing who to put my money on but as we all know, betting is a game of opinions and a good bet for one punter is one to avoid for another! I am always looking to learn and although I have an excellent strike rate, until it hits 100%…I WILL SEEK IMPROVEMENT.

I would love to hear your views.

Finding a handicap good thing

I have spent years trying to get one over on the bookmakers using various different handicapping rules and tools. One thing I have always noticed is whichever method you choose…you will always need luck to consistently make money.

When I have a bet, I look for a wide variety of things (listed below) -

Are the horse, jockey and trainer in form?
Does the horse like the track and trip?
Does the current handicap mark give the horse a chance?
Can I get on at the right price?

Here I will explain further how I find my winners:


Are the horse, jockey and trainer in form?
When looking for a horse worth backing I do like to see some recent good form from the above mentioned. This doesn’t mean the jockey needs to have ridden 4 winners from the previous 5 rides or the horse has to of won its last 3. I just need to know that the horse, trainer or jockey are not woefully out of form (everybody has a period when they cant win). by watching EVERY single race that is run in the UK, I can decide if I a person or an animal is in form. We can all check up the ‘Who’s hot’ pages but I dig a whole lot deeper than that…after all the final result of a race offers a lot more than a black and white image. The grey areas are where you need to be looking because although the bookmakers get it right 95% of the time…there are times the bookmakers miss things and you can grab a big priced winner!!

Does the horse like the track, trip and going?
This rule covers all aspects of racing from the turf in the summer to the all weather racing over the winter. The track and trip is a major tool I use when looking for the best bets on the all weather and then when searching for a winner on the grass…I look for all three to be covered. I know that a horse doesn’t have to have won 5 times over CD to be a good bet but I can assure you that over the years, a horse with CD form will be a better betting proposition than a horse with none.

Does the current handicap mark give the horse a chance?
This is a fairly simple but extremely important rule. I check how the horse has run off its current handicap mark and then assess its chances on the day. In some occasions this rule has to be extremely rigid and others it simply does not apply. Example – if we are backing a 2yr old that has never run off of its current mark…I look at other areas to decide if the bet is worthwhile.

Can I get on at the right price?
This is another of my less important rules, as my view is IF THE HORSE IS GOING TO WIN, THE PRICE DOESN’T REALLY MATTER!! Although we would all love to back a 50/1 winner a day, we also need to avoid the sin that is greed. The time this rule does come into play is when we are looking to back a horse that is lacking in recent form but has excellent previous form over CD. Example of this is when a horse is taken back to Southwell after three or four runs on the other artificial tracks (Mcconnell, Ace Of Spies, Honoured are a few that I can remember off the top of my head).

I am at the point in my life where I am hitting winner after winner but am always interested on how others look to find a winner. This game is about opinions so please feel free to leave your!